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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 2, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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where we can see more relief. some 70's. and upper 60s for the coast. let me break down the afternoon highs. the afternoon scorcher sunnyvale, 90 degrees. another day of triple digits in fairfield, danville, castro valley.
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certainly, dress appropriately because it is going to be warm in downtown san francisco. 83 degrees. 90's and san rafael. i know that many of you saw that a victory last night for the oakland athletics. the first pitch to date is 7:00 p.m. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay the the noticeable cool down as we go towards tomorrow. from our warmest inland areas could drop by 11 degrees. certainly, be aware of that. that fog will return. and we could see the pattern of afternoon sunshine. with a chance of showers as we transition into the weekend. and the traffic center not any hot spots it is a great time to leave the house. the approach to the bay bridge with a smooth conditions. from all of the different
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areas. it is sailing towards the bridges with no metering lights. the san mateo bridge, the 92 looking decent. end to end. golden gate just a few cars. we are checking and note issues of visibility. >> some headlines police are investigating two different fatal shootings last night. the first was right before 9:00 p.m. on the 9000 block of mccarthy boulevard. this is video. when they heard reports of gunfire he was suffering from multiple gunshots he was pronounced dead at the scene. the second shooting was at 10:30 p.m. on the 2000 block of macarthur. he also died from gunshot wounds. no suspects.
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and the body of to fisherman was discovered last night by family members. no word on the identity of that particular fisherman. he was located near pigeon point in half moon bay. this is video. as it was conducted. that the boat capsized after it was a hit after a large wave leaving candlestick park. all four were on board and two of the men were wearing life jackets. the coast guard has suspended the search for the final missing man. and it was yesterday this stuff ofound the body of. >> the opening school district is now dead this morning. it appears that james is and his psyche.
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took his own life. they called him mr. 'i' izumizaki... they learned of his death. it appears that his body was found inside of his car and the students looked up to him. >> one of my students text to me and the district called her mom and they said that he died. he killed himself. >> the first thing i'd do it was went to my room and closed my door and cried. my friend called me around 3:30 >> i feel like everybody has their own opinion about it. some people think that he did it. some people do not. some people love him. >> know that i look back what could i have done differently to be a better friend to him. and better ways?
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>> i think everybody is to pressed right now because he was a great teacher. people say that he was one of the best teachers everybody is depressed right now. >> school counselors will be fair and grief counselors will be there. they have not released any reason behind the alleged molestation. deputies found that teachers body in a car an element o fait--aloamosa the police describe the scene. >> won the patrol officers found. this man had apparently committed suicide. he was in the vehicle. he did leave some of messages. >> word for any details on this message? any portion of this investigation?
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>> that is part of the investigation. as part as evidence so we're not releasing any of that information at this time. >> was a gun? was there a gun or visible signs that he took his life. >> just consistent with the fact that this man took his life. no fire are. >>reporter: was a determined of we have the association with this case pending in albany? >> that is correct. who this person was. and immediately we notified the police department. this case is still pending. >> this showing the developments. they learned of this alleged misconduct of james putting leave that day. and they began investigating the allegations. he was released on bail after being booked
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on alleged charges. stay with us as we continue to follow in the developments. >> this fatal sho stabbing is the first homicide in san jose since august. it sought eight killings and one month. this is the 34 t h, side this mont. police were called to the scene after 1:00 a.m. there were as many as 30 people involved in a roadside brawl. the motive is not clear. one man was fatally stabbed. >> there were approximately 30 people. weather it was a brawl. it is still not determined. but there were substantial amount of people and investigators are combing through and talking to people who are present. and at present we are asking for people to come aboard if they were present.
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>> the name of the adult book and has not been released. it is not--the name of the adult victim has not been released. we have still more headlines with the latest on the patent battle between aapple and samsung.
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>> welcome back. let us update you with a tech news. apple is suing samsung and no samsung is suing a couple. here in california, after the telephon iphone 5----this was filed in california. that the iphone infringers on eight of the samsung patents. saying that " we're always preferred to compete in the marketplace with innovative products instead of competing in the court room. however, the
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company went on to say that it had little choice but to take these steps necessary to protect innovations. the san francisco based music subscription service will now pay musicians for every person they convince through social media to sign up. starting today you'll be able to pay ms. editions of $10 in an attempt to attract users to this site. with any artist that has created an account such as snoop doog the genius grant. one recipient say that this is a validation called " family initiative. this was started in oakland, 21, awarding self-sufficiency. with
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neighborhoods bringing groups of friends to gather and asking for them to find jobs, save money and help other children cured also, a los angeles photographer is also another recipient and a microbiologist. the winners will receive $5,000. >> this massive gun will be installed to the cliff of the san francisco bay. it is 68 ft. long. over 2,000 lbs. it will be refurbished and painted. and will be on display at the battery townsley. it will simulate one of the guns used in world war fifth halfii we will be right back. and when we come back this hot couple of days. we will see how some people stayed cool. despite those blistering hot songs that gun was used in world war ii
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>> welcome back for kron 4 15 people are battling the
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heat. yesterday was the latest day and today will be another day. it just seemed give us an idea of just how hot it was. justine. >> this dog has the right idea to have a cool off at the chrisy field swim at the bay. with upper 90s people going to the beach. come break out the sun screen. >> in walnut creek they went shopping at broadway plaza they stayed in the shade and grab a drink on ice. >> as a new yorker i think all of this weather it's fantastic to be able to dress like this. >> temperatures were 95 degrees. >>reporter: do you like the weather today? >> yes and with triple digits in pleasanton it was just too hot to sit outside your summer.
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>> it is warm out here but not warm as other places. and when it becomes 110 degrees is a little bit miserable. the hottest place i visited was definitely pleasanton. 6:00 p.m., still and 98 degrees a hot one for sure. in pleasanton, kron 4. and hundreds of burke residents were without power. pg&e says that around 8:00 p.m. 12,400 people lost electricity. it was restored in just a couple of hours. workers have not determined what happened. they are still looking into that. let us check out the weather today they need to add power for the air- conditioning. >> good morning the reason they are going to need that is because it is going to be another hot day. we are waking up to clear conditions. we did not have pettifog to speak up. hayward. we did not have-any
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fog to speak of with over the 60s. as we check off the highs. temperatures will be slightly cooler compared to yesterday's. still however, will about the seasonal average with nine these. san jose, and plenty of nine thes nine thes nine the nine 90 as, a day of even upper 80s. berkeley. 97 degrees on tap for napa. 83 degrees in downtown san francisco. and speaking of the beaches that is the place to be i want yesterday and i got plenty of sunshine. it looks like santa cruz will see mid '80s. '70s in monterrey. as
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we go along the coast 72 degrees and but ave. and also stinson beach. bodega bay with more of a sea breeze expected. overall, more comfortable. with no power quoted is hopefully to contend with. and a cool down. with no power outages hopefully to contend with today. that fog will return to the coast and will continue to see morning fog each and every morning. this weekend, 80s for the inland areas. 70's for the bay and 60s for the coast. the slight chance for fog along the bay area's later this week. pretty quiet ride now on the traffic sensors. overnight construction but nothing really to be concerned about. if your leaving and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza just a few cars. westbound out of
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oakland into the city. all of the san mateo bridge, no delays. towards the nimitz. and the toll plaza showing the bridge spans the tail lights are from foster city. no incidences to report. from the 192 interchange. the golden gate, also no problems of the visibility and not even any cars and our vision. and as we take a look at our traffic maps westbound 24 slow. cellphones 680 is also a problem-free. southbound-680 is also a problem-free. however, this a real westbound 580 through the old, and pass it is also smooth sailing. you are cruising approaching the interchange. >> and amtrak train carrying
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169 oneself derailed after this big rig and train collided. it finally stopped after about troubling 6 ft.. mild/moderate injuries were sustained by passengers with even some having a broken bones. the truck driver also had minor injuries believe it or not. that trial continues today for the woman accused of killing the bay area nursing student. prosecutors say that esteban stock michelle s talked...michelle lei.. her body was found in alameda county haazig madyun was in
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court yesterday. jealousy that turned to obsession, had tried and rage that as how the prosecutio described--esteban. two dozen people filled the courtroom including members of machel's family. they became physically shaken when forensic photos of the bones were shown to the jury. the prosecution also said the there was dna evidence found on the shell 's steering wheel. other evidence included a series of threatening text messages demanding that she thinks that she was having a sexual relationship. " you will be honest with me or else i will take your life and hers ". in oakland, kron haazig madyun 4. the one man was injured at the eagle side neighborhood. they responded to shots fired on broad street between san jose and
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plymouth avenue spirit this was in lockdown and they found the shooter. 15 minutes later, he was chauffeured from guns out s--was suffering from gunshot wounds. after arriving at an area hospital. also, this university shooting after this ordered to psychiatrists to order the go's.. psychiatric state after his campus firing. and also, this 27 year-old was sentenced yesterday. again
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according to evidence presented in court. he worked with others to distribute methamphetamines. they found one shipment hidden in the toes of a tennis shoe. creative ways to get that across the border. we will be back.
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>> police and chicago are working overtime to battle crime and that city. so far there have been 400 homicides. in 2012. that is up 25%. this widespread residual violence. they are on pace to reach 500 homicides by the end of the year. they have not seen that number and a long time. honda is recalling its honda accord. there is a potential fire risk from the power steering from the be 6. 20- 3-20 07. the power steering
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poses a possible leak that could cause a fire. so far, no crashes, no injuries. the dealerships will fix that for free but replacement parts will not be available until early next year. schedule however early. and the airline seats coming loose on a boeing. this was from boston to miami. the second incident was similar but it happened yesterday from york to miami. american airlines said that there could be an issue with certain models of these seats. they will inspect all of these planes that could have the same issue. no reports of any issues. however, seats coming loose. >> americans are respected to spend more for this busy shopping season but not as much as the last couple of years according to the national retail federation. the holiday shopping in
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november, december are expected to increase by 1%. that is more than just one in the last couple of years. and the smallest increase since the year, 2009. and will take a break at 4:280 with headlines.
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>> welcome back. we are talking about the weather with a live look. the fog not quite as much of an issue. >> good morning, james. it is already warm start. in fact some locations are in the '70s with even 60s for some of the areas. as we take you to the weather headlines. clear skies right outside the door. for this afternoon sunshine. it is going to be another toasty day. well above the seasonable average. as we go for this evening we will continue with relatively warm conditions. '70s and
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'80s for the most part. the futurecast showing that were those temperatures are slated to go by lunch. check out that orange. that red is symbolizing '90s and livermore, morgan hill. napa, santa rosa. as we go towards this afternoon. by 3:00 p.m. that read will start to fill an. dominating the screen with that red. even a few degrees cooler today possible but still a great day for the beach. . mid 90's in cupertino. and in santa clara triple digits expected but we're not going to break any records possible. still, fairfield, 101 degrees in danville. check out walnut creek. 99 degrees and upper 80s for the east bayshore. '90s in petaluma, novado and
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downtown san francisco toasty. 83. 73 degrees in ocean beach. and san bruno 83 degrees. you may want to focus fleet week. friday, morning fog to contend with but it should be clear. saturday, the mid '60s. and again another day of fog we will definitely see a cooler start for that morning. but that fog will burn off. conditions, however are nothing compared to where seemed recently your kron 4 7 day around the bay and noticeably cooler conditions. for tomorrow, and we will continue with that cooling trend as we go for the weekend. in the traffic center is a quiet morning. no hot spots or accidents. the approach to the bay bridge also looking
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decent from oakland towards the city. looking decent with co meter in lights near the pay gates. westbound companies don't, no problems approaching the 1 0 1/92 interchange. and also, the westbound/east bound with problem-free. approaching the san francisco toll plaza. >> and here is an update with a wild fire. this is in riverside county injury for firefighters but the good news is that it has been contained with injury sustained to four firefighters. this was in full containment last night. despite hot temperatures and strong winds. this was in steep terrain. this was to the east of riverside. authorities say that shooters at a target range could have been the source. >> of belmont police are trying to find witnesses
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along highway 1 0 1 in san mateo county. the belmont police said that information gathered of the aftermath indicated that those three people and a dodge charger that were shot appeared to be the intended target and it was not random. they are trying to find out if this was from road rage or another dispute. >> the body of that fisherman was discovered last night. to meall four men went out and two were recovered. however, one was recently just found. the boat capsized leaving candlestick park pigeon part after this was the capsulized by taken over by a large wave. all four men
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were on board and the two men were able to get to the shore there were lifejackets. the family members are going to continue to search for the one missing. >> $2 million and missing precious gems. this is the second heist at this museum this year. so far, no suspects. and on to politics, decision 2012. the presidential debate between presidential candidate mitt romney and president obama will be at denver. >> final preparations transforming this into one large television studio. 50 million people worldwide will have an unobstructed view. these candidates on
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wednesday night. >> what you will see is president obama and ronnie on stage and a moderator. and-mitt romney. >> maria jose? among hundreds of students are hoping for the few tickets to get inside. >> i thought that it was cold that it was coming to the university. i thought that it was--cool. to learn more about the political process. >> something that i would say to my children. that i was in attendance. i was here. >> only a small fraction of the seats will be taken by student body. they do not know how many people are going to be actually in here. voters will be making up their minds. >> this is on domestic issues and i think that mitt romney has a firmer stance
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than foreign policy. he has something to gain if he does a good job. >> acoustics, light, sound. as denver adds a new chapter to political history. and of course kron 4 will of the entire debate go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates.and uninterruppted speech... and digital 4.2 still coming up, the d.c. sniper attack it has been 10 years. we will hear from him
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>> welcome back. it these deadly sniper attacks were in washington d.c. 10 years ago. ed payne is more.
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>> these shootings terrorized this the bride. these two men shot 13 people and killed 10 people. he was only 17 years old at that time. mohammad was executed in 20 09. he was sentenced to life because they thought that he was under mohammad's control. and 10 years later he told the washington post that he has changed. >> if you look up the definition. >> they chose their victims at random and shot them from the trunk from a car. now they want to speak out to the victims of the families. >> i am sorry. >> i am sorry. there is no way to express sorrow.
4:41 am
>> one killing stands out. linda franklin, an fbi analyst was killed and home depot parking lot. and mohammed fired. linda franklin fell to the floor. the husband to recalls the pain. >> it was the worst pain i've seen in my life. >> and payne >> an attempt to pack in on classified government network. no information was stolen but they discovered that it was chinese hackers that gained access to the network with in the white house military. this happened when a staffer opened an e-mail. this type is fairly common and there are measures in place to isolate the incident. and
4:42 am
protect any sensitive information. coming up. we have your headlines and the golden gate bridge. we are looking at clear conditions. practically a carbon copy of what we saw yesterday. we will get the latest with erica.
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> i guess it is safe to say that it is this is totally a different meaning. and i would not pay to see this.
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and i am just saying welcome to ocean beach in san francisco. if you want your dog to required to have your dog on a leash. you can only let your dog off a leash from the month of may to the month of july. however, for the most part he must be on a leash. that is because you allowed your friends to bury your friends in the sand but do not worry your dog will bury you out did you out. and i will advise people of this protection area. and i find
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if behaving badly. and and sometimes right next to the son of when the weather is stashed sometimes one that sometimes one that weather it is hot. >> it is a great day for the beach. mid-70s. it is definitely the perfect day to go to the beach. inland, triple digits. i do not think that we're going to break any records but pretty uncomfortable for a lot of bay area communities. as of right now it is clear as we step outside. low 70's and san francisco. and in daly city. concord. upper 60s in hayward. 64 degrees in redwood city. as you take a look get the afternoon numbers. another hot day. '90s. '90s for the
4:47 am
afternoon high in san jose. and yes, a day of triple digits for fairfield, lar livermore and danville. and castro valley, walnut creek and inside the bay we will see 80s. upper 80s in oakland, berkeley, san bruno and it looks like the afternoon highs will be 94 degrees. it is going to be another toasty descartes that high-pressure firmly in place. with that, in other toasty-date and place. with 77 degrees and monterey stinson beach and pacifica. as we take a look at the weather story we are contending with excessive heat. however, morrissey breezes expected. the hottest time of the day between 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. it will be clear. again certainly, this heat could
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dissipate by wednesday. enjoy its well as lasts. your kron 4 7 day around the bay and this shows a gradual cooling. and we could see a 11 degrees cooling. with a much different forecast. and that fog returns to the coast and we will see that pattern of morning fog. into the end of the work week. for more on the forecast. there are mocars to the approach. however, from oakland to towards the city and to the san mateo bridge, no incidences. and westbound looking decent. the golden gate bridge 1 0 1 just a few cars southbound and on the traffic maps. on the roadways sensors note issues
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coming out of marin county. just 22 minutes from novato.. to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. 3:00 p.m., mark your calendar. george rask and mark danon 3:00 p.m. on saturday. this weekend will be huge in san francisco with a lot of things going on. the san francisco annual fleet week celebration. that is the celebration of the nation's military. with blue angels as we were speaking of and public tours. also, multi training exercises to encourage collaboration of disaster drills. terrace
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also the america's cup sailing races starting today and going through sunday. it is going to be pretty packed. >> take a look. >> the oakland athletics are going to go to the post season. unbelievable!, they are going nuts. take a look. they're on their way to the post season. over the texas rangers at the coliseum. oakland is guaranteed that wild card spot. this is their first trip to the playoffs since 20 06. if they sweep the season against the rangers the could also get the american west league title.
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>> we have to come out tomorrow. not going to get ahead of ourselves but we are going to savor the moment. (cheers & applause) >> they are getting crazy. the giants tried to take out the dodgers last night. it got off to a right start with buster posy hitting a deep left. the bottom of the night, tied-to-2. that is when the dodgers with an rbi single. at 3-2 = y -. final score. and the kansas city royals with cabrera he is currently in line to be the first crown winner. the tigers beat 6-3. reaching
4:52 am
the playoffs in back-to- back since 1935. coming up on the kron 4 morning news we have headlines. and a live look at the toll plaza. pretty light. and clear. once again it is going to be hot.
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please pardon the delay
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>> four men were on board to were in lifejackets they made to shortest time that it was the other two that went missing the coast guard has suspended their search the family members say they will continue looking that's when they found the body of one of those men around 630 yesterday evening. >> still ahead watching wall street a wild ride yesterday we will have more on that and what to expect today as kron 4 news continues.
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dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
5:09 am
erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
5:10 am
prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. >> will buy with the kron 4 news the dow at 150 points
5:11 am
yesterday in early trading. share prices jumped--with the dow only closing up 78 points. watching stand now in their second recession in three years with an overall on and what rate near 25%. one in every four spaniards out of work. spain has already been granted a hundred and $28 billion loan from the euro's own. the dow picks up 47 points ahead of the opening bell. >> apple has now confirmed there is a bug that is causing the phones to consume major amounts of cellular data. it's happening even when the phones are plugged into a wife i network. it pushed
5:12 am
out a software outdate over the weekend. so far this but has been a problem for verizon users and possibly at&t uses as well. >> still ahead of kron 4 morning news it was a scorcher yester day, it was hot. triple digits at the east bay. looks like we are in store for another boiler of a day to day. a full check of weather and traffic coming up in two minutes.
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>> >> and were back and talk whether that is our big story today. yesterday it was awfully high. in fact we have some video showing how people deal with the heat all day 102!. people try to sit in the shade set or iced drinks it was planning hot there. people were heading
5:16 am
to the water here is christie field in the city where no-fault insight nothing but sunshine. folks are enjoying a crystal blue day. the morning erica >> good morning actually went to ocean beach yesterday it was really hot out there temperatures were in the '70s. >> looks like we will see that again this afternoon. it is a clear star to the morning we do not have any clouds cover to speak of. a lot warmer compare to what we saw 24 hours ago. so really we did not see any shocks or surprises yesterday morning to take a look at these numbers. upper 60s and downtown to a francisco. six degrees working up antioch. >> 58 in san mateo. looks like sunnyvale coming in at 63 degrees. all those '50s and '60s i showed you a see what will happen to the afternoon. check out all
5:17 am
that red on your screen it really dominates the color maps here and that does indicate '90s. it will see a wide range of nineties in the north. and again that orange does symbolize '80s for pretty much everyone else. as we get into the evening by 6:00 p.m. we will cool things off. we will see more of a sea breeze. we will start to pick up. it looks like '60s and '70s and again of those '80s all thos as we head into later tonight. >> santa clara at 93. 95 in cupertino. and another day of triple digits for fairfield, livermore, danville. an upper 80s in san leandro. up to the north
5:18 am
they will see a wide range of '90s.
5:19 am
>> aren't things a lot erica 5: 19. but there are hundreds of berkeley residents without power last night it was around 8:00 and
5:20 am
12,400 people lost power and was restored within a couple of hours and workers have not determined what caused that out a check. >> investigators are looking for diesel made off with an estimated $2 million in precious gems and gold from a museum. the robbers threatened workers with picks and pickaxes at the california mining and minerals museum. this is the recent second heist at the museum this year so far. they have not caught the robbers. an amtrak train carrying about 169 passengers oakland to bakersfield be grilled on a big rig truck collided with the train. that train traveled about 600 ft. before it can to a stop. at least 20 passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries scrapes and possibly broken bones.
5:21 am
>> now the legs with the wildfires we're falling in southern california the fires and injured four firefighters the good news is that it had been contained. it is 365 a. of is a huge fire but it was contained late last night. you can see here of the school for the map where this fire is is just to the east of riverside and well to the east of los angeles. up in the hills as you could point out on the map. fire erupted saturday in steep terrain about 5 mi. south of the city of bandung. shooters and a target practice range possibly started the fire they will look into it. >> the deadly sniper attacks that terrorized the wash dc area began 10 years ago. john allen mahomet and malval shot 13 people killed in a team of those people in a period of 21 days. malval was just 17 years ago at the
5:22 am
time it was sentenced to life in prison. he laughed about the shootings was first arrested. now he regrets-day she says he regrets the pay because the families. >> i am sorry! i am sorry! there's no way to express that coming what my quan to tell. >> the other shooter mahomet was executed in 2009. >> a reminder kron 4 is when you the blue and show live will bring you all the sights and sounds from all over from comfort of your own home. >> blue angels live sponsored by g. saturday october 6th at 3:00 p.m.. >> the white house is investigating this morning
5:23 am
after their network was hacked by hackers from china it turns out we will have more on that coming up in a few minutes. in taking a look outside the golden gate bridge we have i can't stand these spots.
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those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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>> and labatt at 530 live from the east bay. and get hot on to can. does find out how hot with erica good morning. >> good morning is pretty hot right now we do have a couple of locations in the low seventies. it really depends on where you're located. we are seeing plenty of '50s as well. as we take a live lives of our roof cam downtown san francisco is a clear start to the morning and will remain that way as we transition into the afternoon. now in terms of the afternoon it looks like it to be in the 80's, 90's and has been another day of triple digit readings. it looks like we will continue to see warm weather in the evening hours. we will turn to the '70s and to eight the
5:31 am
'80s. of that aren't on your screen the heart of the bay area indicates we will see those '80s that read indicates for the livermore valley and apple will see some of the '90s. >> by 3:00 p.m. we will start to see a lot more in the way of rent so we will see a wide range of '90s temperatures well above average compared to yesterday's a bit cooler. we're seeing really warm conditions in the south bay 93 santa clara mid-90s for cupertino. looks like a climate to triple digit territory for fairfield, danville, livermore. 90 expected and pleasanton so it very hot in toasty day. the badgers a very low for this time of year in fact.
5:32 am
94 in petaluma. downtown san francisco cooler than yesterday but still coming in at 83 degrees. said the fight for daly city. and 82 expected for san bruno. i walked your fleet week for cast your call it was the blue angels. friday a much different picture, we're seeing right now. we will see plenty of clout cover foggy conditions. temperatures will top out in the low to mid '60's at best. and it looks to be the case as we head into saturday and sunday. now your kron 47 day around the bay forecast of a show lotus selena foggy conditions if like, whether it's not gonna last for long today is probably the last day for quite some time. and a leader not i have been checking the extended models saturday and sunday we do have a 10% chance for rain. over in the traffic
5:33 am
center a pretty easy ride around the bay area the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza starting to back up and some of those cash lines. no problem for northbound 101 in the south bay. the peninsula of green it is a smooth and easy ride out of novato and pass highway 37. >> the oakland athletics have made the baseball playoffs for the first time since 2006. here is the scene with a champagne flowing in the clubhouse here is coco crisp with a game-winning hit. two more
5:34 am
games against the texas rangers just swept the mariners. there will be a wild-card game on friday but the oakland a's have secured a playoff spot. only a $50 million payroll compared to them 120-million dollar payroll for the texas rangers. >> all right thank you market opening statements in the trial for the woman accused of killing bay area nursing student michelle. two dozen people filed into the courtroom. dna evidence was found on the victims during will from the suspect. also texas is sent to the man she believes to be heterosexual relationship with. that happened on may 20th of a lead 2011 have been haywood. >> the fatal stabbing early sunday morning--homicide
5:35 am
number 34 for the year to date on sunday morning near the intersection of burnout road and monterey highway. please recall around 1 in the morning were as many 30 people were involved in a road outside wall. what sparked that fight is not clear but one man was fatally stabbed. >> there was approximately 30 individuals and give whether it was a brawl or if they all were involved in the fight is still undetermined there were substantial amount of people. investigations are going through an we're talking to people who were present. we are actively asking people to come forward if they would if they were bought in the situation. >> the name of the adult male was not released and is not clear if the fight and the stabbing were gang- related. some of those involved were said to have
5:36 am
had guns as well. >> the california man is sentenced to 15 years in prison for shipping met and that means of the from the west coast to maryland. he was sentenced yesterday in a u.s. district court in greenbelt. the suspect or with others to destroy the started the met in prince george's county. please founder of sitting in the toes of a new high top athletic shoes. >> sunnyvale people-- authorities say the bank robber
5:37 am
i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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>> the morning the top stories this morning. it appears that james is of a rocky path took his own life his body was found in a car in san the result not far from his car around 1030 yesterday morning. caltran is live in albany following that story we will have the latest. >> the oakland a's has made to the playoffs time in 60 years they beat the texas rangers 4 to 3. the a's have secured the wild-card spot and still have a chance of winning the division by the rangers to two more times. the big story this morning that's going to affect everyone is the heat. it is
5:46 am
hot!. you may have a little trouble sleeping if you do not have air conditioning. on the ride very clear on the approach of the bay bridge to. so we are going on day to a more hostages erica.
5:47 am
s test temperatures above the seasonal average a i don't think we will break any records. for those of you going to the oakland a's game lead tonight against the texas rangers allow you
5:48 am
probably celebrating we will see sunshine at the start of the game pitched at 7: 05.
5:49 am
>> no discussion point don't! stand your ground i guess is the more from that video. that is the lesson which is caught. the video is called bear meets in
5:50 am
shantou. she's scared of a bear just by yelling. if there does not respond to yelling or rock from be ready to buy used peppers break or physically fight back or sometimes you have to play did. but in her case she does get a simple word and that there backed away. wow! >> your also
5:51 am
of del cabrera had four hits including his major league 44 home run. it raised his batting average to a best 329 he has a hundred and 37 rbis. " thcabrera the sun
5:52 am
triple crown winner. if you're wondering, del cabrera's not related to the milkman. >> will bring it all the action live from the blue angels in your own living room. so sit back and saturday october 6th at 3:00. it's happening this saturday at the fleet week celebration. there are new features such as public tours of the navy coastguard and royal canadian ships. and also training exercises
5:53 am
to encourage cooperation and collaboration and a possible disaster. you're going to want to tune in if you want to get all the action in the sky hour channel is the best place to do that saturday at 3:00. >> still ahead on the kron for morning news a massive pumpkin to show you. one that shattered the world record we will tell you how much it waited a minute. here's a live look out of walnut creek we're currently following hot interest. livermore, once again hitting the century mark once again current temperature those 63 we have a lot of heating up to do between now and 3:00 p.m..
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>> a giant pumpkin breaks the world record. it weighs in at 2,900 lbs.. the pumpkins proud owner says that this one could grow 40
5:57 am
lbs. each week during its growth. . the on a one $1,000 for that pumpkin was a massachusetts fair. and our own pumpkin festival at half moon bay is coming up next weekend so we will see what kind of big court to could hear the bay area. coming up on the kron for morning news at 6:00 we are heating up again. ok so yesterday's it was sweltering, and last night if you could sleep if you didn't have a.c. waking up this morning to more wanted to today. we will tell you when the heat wave will in. and albany teacher who was accused of lewd conduct with a former student is found dead. plus the oakland a's are in the playoffs. we will have more on their big planned last night and was next when we come back.
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